Dots of War - Connect the dots

The new way to play connect the dots with a fantastic medieval twist

Dots of War is an addictive and competitive puzzle game (based on dots and boxes / Timbiriche) in which you have to connect points with lines to gain ground against your opponent. Choose one of the three clans available to compete online.

The objective is simple: Forming a square with four lines will capture the terrain, once you do it you will have an extra turn. You can use your ability to prevent your opponent from using combos!


Dots of War trailer


Download all screenshots and Photos as a .zip (17.7MB)

Dots of War allows you to compete against players from all over the world and appear in the world ranking with the best players.

  • It is FREE to play forever
  • CONNECT four points with lines to form a square.
  • WIN in classic mode by competing against an online opponent, whoever has the most points when all terrain is conquered will win.
  • LOVELY fun, and a very careful game design in this excellent connect game
  • ENJOY the beautiful design of the 3D map, the various 2D aspects that bring the characters to life, and the beautiful music.
  • CHALLENGE your friends to Dots of War games online and reach the top of the leaderboards.
  • Make a line, not a circle, to connect all the points of a color, or connect four points to make a square
  • PLAY a game and then let a friend play for a final one-on-one match





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LunarCrown is an independent video game studio based on Hermosillo Sonora México, founded on 2019 as the merge effort of various solo indie studio projects to publish polished and profesional games. Dots of War it’s their first game and one of the first online multiplayer games in Mexico.

Game Design, 2D art

  • Arvin Valenzuela

UX-UI, Quality Assurance

  • José Miguel Agulo

Art Director, 2D art

3D art